Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ode to the Unstimulatable

Incredibly, there is talk in Congress of a second stimulus package. For the record, the first stimulus is somewhere between 15-40% spent, depending on who you choose to believe. It's not due to get to 100% until sometime next year. Apparently, for the truly empathetic, one just can't spend other people's money fast enough. For whatever reason, this has caused me to burst into song.

Ode to the Unstimulatable (sung to the tune of "Unforgetable" by the legendary Nat King Cole)

Unstimulatable, that’s what you are
Unresusitatable, even by a Czar

We all agree, it’s so complainable
Credit bubbles are unsustainable

The printing press will get no rest

Unstimulatable, or so it seems
Unpenultimatable, by any means

You’ve stopped buying- that’s regrettable
Supply, demand, is still resettable

That’s why I
Am unstimulatable too

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