Friday, April 29, 2011

The blog do-over (scene 1, take 1)

Ahhh, it felt good clicking the "new post" button. I've been putting a lot of thought into what to do with this blog and I'm going to start something a little different from before. For the record, I've been spending most of my online time on Twitter, and helping out on This is Reno. Some, but not all, of my reasons for not blogging can be found here. It's complicated.

There are a couple of trends I've noticed lately. A lot of bloggers are giving it a rest, and most of the sites I visit now are aggregators of one kind or another. Abnormal Returns and Real Clear Markets have become two of my daily must-visit sites.

Vox Day, does an interesting thing on his blog. He writes a weekly column for WND, but only posts the first paragraph or two on the blog, and then a link if you want to read the rest of it.

Since I've never really liked the idea of double posting, the Vox Day model might be good for what I send to This is Reno, as well as anything I manage to sell, and since I read more than I write and Twitter is limited to 140 characters, a linkfest with additional comments might work here.

I'm still working on a series for This is Reno, and it may be a while before I'm finished, so here is some of what you can expect from my very own aggregator.


The gold standard is a subject I plan on endlessly harping on in the very near future. It is so sensible , especially compared to the chaos of floating currencies, that it's a mystery why we ever left it. Nathan Lewis, whose book I recently read, has a great website devoted to the subject. He also writes for magazines. I've also started a book by the late Walter Kemmerer. In the meantime, here's a good starter piece by Mr. Lewis.

What is the purpose of a gold standard?

One might think that the term "grownup" refers to someone who saves and invests with some thought to the future. Not so. In some circles, eating the seed corn is considered a grownup thing to do.

Where are the grownups?

And, for those who, like myself, never took an economics class, count your blessings. It may be the best economic decision you ever made.

The opportunity cost of economics education

Racing News

Most of the sports car world stops during the month of May to get ready for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The American, European, Asian, and international series' all take part in the race. It's kind of like the Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Formula one race put together with a carnival attached, as only the French can do. Besides the battle of the titans between the factory sponsored Audi's and the factory Peugeot's, Lotus will be represented by Team JET/Alliance. Lotus, as a manufacturer, has not been racing since 1957. There is a 1,000km tune up race in Spa, Belgium next weekend. The Le Mans race is June 11-12.

Inside the Lotus Evora GTE

Weird Stuff Of No Particular Category

Pigs and whales might have more in common than you think. I like stories about animals doing things that scientists have trouble explaining. Years ago I saw a PBS documentary about a group of scientists trying to figure out why songbirds sing. After ruling out all possible explanations, they concluded that songbirds sing simply because they enjoy it. For me, I enjoy watching complicated people try to explain simplicity.

Pigs have evolved "to love mud"

Can't forget my friends

Speaking of science, Laurel, from down the road at Rabbitbrush Ranch, is conducting her own experiment involving carpet pad remnants in her flower beds. Early indications are encouraging.

The great carpet pad experiment

And then there's Ryan, who recently concluded an experiment in suburban sheep ranching when his daughter joined 4H. Here's the backgrounder.

Good Wool Hunting: raising a sheep in the middle of Reno

Until next weekend, see you on Twitter.