Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sue Lowden revisited

Just took a trip over to Sue Lowden's blog. And people wonder why the Republican party at the state level is so screwed up. What a pathetic lack of leadership she is showing. She writes a third person account in defence of herself and then closes the comment section. It's as if she has locked herself in the bathroom, opening the door long enough to throw the soap dish, before locking herself back in. Unbelievable. This is our leader? She praises the delegate selection committee for finally finishing their work three months late. Interestingly, we still don't know who is representing us at the national convention. I wonder if anyone from Washoe County is on the list? It looks like we will never know. Surely when she comes up for re-election, we could find someone who doesn't run away and pout every time somebody disagrees with her. She treats the Ron Paul supporters like they just left a stain on her living room carpet. Care to comment, Sue? The door's open here.

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Marion said...

If you ask me, a blog without open comments is not a blog!