Monday, August 4, 2008

HQ Open House

I went to the open house at the new Washoe County GOP Headquarters tonight. Although I had been there before for the precinct captain training, I was drawn by a general curiosity, the feeling that Gwen would be there and want to discuss my project, and the promise of a free hot dog.

I have determined a fourth rule of political activism.

The most interesting thing about party get-together's is who doesn't show up.

When I got there, I didn't see a single recognizable face. I mingled through the crowd, looking for someone to say hi to, when I practically ran into none other than the omnipresent James Smack, candidate for congress. I have to hand it to the guy, he shows up at all of these things, even though he tends to stay within his group of supporters. I'm continually surprised by how little interest most candidates have for meeting new people. He seemed genuinely pleased at how his campaign was going. What an upset that would be, if he beat Heller. After a while I headed for the hot dog stand. Great hot dogs; perfectly burned to bachelor standards.

It was soon announced that the candidates were ready to give their speeches, so we all piled into the office. Gov. Gibbons aide, upon introducing the Governor, told us all what a great job he's doing and how we need to elect more Republicans. Then the Governor spoke about what a great job his aide was doing and how we need to elect more Republicans. Then the Lt. Governor got up and told us all about what a great job both the governor and his aide were doing and how we need to elect more Republicans. The big laugh of the night was delivered by Mr. Smack. He talked about the recent events in congress, when Speaker Pelosi banged the gavel, declared a recess, and shut off the electricity. Sound familiar?

The only other interesting thing that happened was that Heidi Smith gave a big send-up to Kris Pickering, candidate for Supreme Court Seat B. Ms. Pickering certainly has a lot going for her, but Don Chairez was there too, and he's running for the same seat. He's a soft spoken, reserved guy; a bit on the portly side like a judge should be. It's a tough choice, but I'm leaning to Chairez. There's something about good looking 40ish blond women in positions of power. I think there are too many of them.

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