Saturday, August 9, 2008

Muths 1/2 Truths

I'm having serious doughts about Chuck Muth and his so-called Truths. I first caught-on to Muths Truths after the Washoe County Republican Convention. He is only one of a handful of conservative bloggers in the Reno area. He seemed, at first, to be a good source for statistics and general news about other conservatives around here. I've since concluded that his numbers are not dependable. His obsession with personal disputes, along with who hasn't signed his no tax pledge, seems to over-ride all other considerations. A couple of recent hit pieces serve as examples.

Former Secretary of State and candidate for Assembly District 40 Cheryl Lau, who has not signed the pledge, recently stated that she might be in favor of a weight and distance tax on trucks. Now I'm as libertarian as a republican can be, but this sounds pretty reasonable. The maintenance of public by-ways is a legitimate power of the state. The use of those by-ways should rightfully be paid by the people who use them. If anyone doesn't like paying for the use of our roads, on their way to somewhere else, they're free to go around.

This idea of no new taxes in order to limit government was a nice theory back in the good old Reagan era, but the last 25 years has proven it wrong. Limiting the income of the government does nothing to control spending. Politicians, when faced with a shortfall, will almost always borrow more money rather than cut a program. No new taxes simply means lots of new debt.

I'd just like to point out that roads are made of asphalt. Asphalt is made from oil. When the price of a barrel of oil goes from $25 to $140, what does that do to the cost of paving a road? (Cue Jeopardy theme song). Also, the 2 people commenting on the Lau hit were both Democrats who were in favor of the no tax pledge. They like it because it constrains Republicans while Democrats run free with their spending plans.

The other hit piece was on Mike Webber. The cover story is that Mike seems to have an ego. Someone in politics has an ego? Say it ain't so! And this, coming from a guy who has his own blog on his blogroll. I guess if Mr. Muth's readers forget where they are, they can find themselves again.

The real reason for the hit, of coarse, is the fact that Mike Webber is leading the fight against the delegate selection committee. There is ample evidence of Mr. Muths disdain for Ron Paul supporters throughout his blog. Even though Mr. Webber has repeatedly said he is not a Ron Paul supporter, he often is painted as one. This is simply guilt by association. Mr. Webber's interest is in keeping as many factions in the party as possible, and insuring that their voices get a fair hearing, unlike Mr. Muth and his pretend girlfriend, Sue Lowden.

The bottom line here is that I'm still looking for a reliable source.

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Anonymous said...

I've followed Mr. Muth for a long time and at one time was a supporter of his. I don't know what has happened to him in recent years.

Cheryl Lau's proposal for the trucks was more than fair. Why should the average motorist pay through gas tax for everything on Nevada's roads?

Always, we bend over for corporate profit and hit the little guys in the wallet.