Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great Tweets Through History

I'm still in the lurking phase on Twitter, but I think I'm beginning to figure it out. In this mornings Financial Times Gideon Rachman is beginning to figure it out too. Along the way, he imagines what Twitter feeds might have looked like at different times in history. My personal favorite of his is Karl Marx:

If Marx really had lived in the age of Twitter, he would probably not have been sending out thunderous political messages. It is more likely that his Twitter feed would have read: “Just arrived at British Museum. Going for a cup of tea.”

I can imagine a few others. Here's ten, in no particular order.

Ulysses S Grant during the siege of Vicksburg:
GENOFWEST Going to artillery barrage. Already have headache.

Hannibal crossing the Alps:
CARTHAGETOPGUY Frozen elephants twitpic #weird.

Brutus in the days leading up to the assassination of Julius Caesar:
SATURNSPAL 10% off @Romulus Cutlery. Good stuff.

George Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn:
YELLOWHAIR Arrived @ Indian Village. The place is packed.

Thomas Jefferson at the Constitutional Convention:
VIRGINIAPEN Added preamble to doc. John likes it. Will show to others forthwith.

From the Lewis and Clark Expedition:
BOATMAN Picked up crackerjack Indian gal. Husband's a douche.

John C. Fremont from somewhere in Nevada:
FUTUREPRESIDENT Idiots can't find the cannon. Moving on.

Adolph Hitler responding to a tweet from Normandy Beach:

Christopher Columbus discovering America:
ITALIANSAILOR Arrived @ India. It's not what I imagined.

A converstion between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant while inventing the telephone:
AGBELL @BELLASSIST Can you hear me now?


AGBELL @BELLASSIST Did you say something?

BELLASSIST @AGBELL No. Was in bathroom.


BELLASSIST @AGBELL Did you hear that?

AGBELL @BELLASSIST Delivery boy at door. Say again.

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