Monday, March 30, 2009

Speaking Truth To Power

There's been a welcome development on the freedom front lately. I've been a bit preoccupied with my new Flip video camera that I bought on Saturday ( more on that later). Last Thursday, Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister gave a speech at the European Union's Parliament. Daniel Hannon, a former journalist who is now representing south England in the EU, and OMG, he's a blogger too, responded.

This morning, Vox Day, who makes his living as a video game designer, posted an interview with Mr. Hannan. By way of a preview, an excerpt from the interview:

Day: Who are your intellectual influences with regards to economics? Do you go all the way back to Smith?

Hannan: Absolutely, I'm a very traditional Brit like this. I've got two busts in my office. One is Adam Smith, the other is Thomas Jefferson.

I'm not sure Jefferson would qualify as a traditional Brit, but I've got to like this guy. He sounds like my kind of journalist.

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