Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Little Poem

I couldn't help noticing that both Zeke and Tex went all poetic during the election. The wild emotionalism of some Democrats, eh? Well, poetry equates to culture, and I can't let a couple of Democrats out-culture a Republican, now can I? They're supposed to be the rabble; the great unwashed. Unfortunately, my cultural roots only go back to Mad Magazine and Jimi Hendrix. If we all pull together, maybe we can get the new Democratic Legislature to declare November "Bad Poetry Month".

Green Haze (Sung to the tune: Purple Haze)

Bailout money, all around
Ka-ching, Ka-ching is my favorite sound
I’ve got the Feds
In my pocket too.
Excuse me,
While I shake down the rubes.

Billions more, if you please?
Let's send more factories, overseas.
Your Chinese auto,
Will do just fine.
You can’t drive much
When all you’ve got’s a dime.

All the lawyers in old D.C.,
Add up to nothing since they can’t touch me.
They made the rules,
I just play along.
Meanwhile the Dem’s
Don’t know how far it’s gone.


Zeke said...

I strongly request that you continue your creative explorations.
You clearly have talent.

Visit me at
Zeke Says So Blog
and TWITTER said...

I'm duly and much impressed.
'Tho I still don't know who's the best.

Local So-and-so said...

I'm just trying to keep up. We'd need a real poet to judge the "worst poem" winner, and some sort of prize. Hmmm... said...


What I believe could be the best prize
Is a 3 Stooges poke in the eyes.

NevaDUH is not known for its poets or thinkers
As much as its electing real smelly stinkers.

(your turn)

Local So-and-so said...

Our voting pattern could come into play,
Selecting the worst is the NevaDUH way.

A prize so offensive, malodorous, and reeking,
To match the candidates and offices their seeking.