Friday, September 12, 2008

Green Jobs

With all the hullabaloo about energy independence from both sides of the political spectrum lately, I've begun looking into the idea of Free Market Environmentalism. There are already several divergent views among the proponents. There is also plenty of ridicule from both capitalists and environmental groups, the lobbyists of which are already at the ticket counter for yet another ride on the government gravy train. McCain has been taking quite a bit of heat from the right over his proposals. No matter who wins the election, Nevada will play a big role in any push for renewable energy sources.

I've long thought solar power would work pretty well here, but wind power seems to be where things are heading. I try to avoid the ASM (Always Sleeping Media) to the extent possible, but from time to time they stop gossiping long enough to find some real news. I happened across an article in the RGJ during the week, regarding a company called Nevada Wind. This private company has bought private land in the Warm Springs area. With so much of Nevada owned by the federal government, it's difficult to find private property that is suitable to all the interested parties. The military has already ok'd the site and planning commission/county commission meetings are due soon. I don't see a downside here, from a free market perspective. A private company on private land with a private contract makes a good test case for the free market environmentalists.

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