Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Big Picture

When Ulysses S Grant was appointed Commander of Union Forces and took up residence with the Army of the Potomac, he gathered his generals to discuss the situation. He asked them one by one, what is your assessment of the current situation and where do we go from here? One by one they answered, Bobby Lee this and Bobby Lee that, and ain't Bobby Lee just the best dang general in the whole wide world. When they were finished, Grant told them to stop thinking about what Bobby Lee was doing to them and start thinking about what they were going to do to Bobby Lee.

Looking at the Democratic Convention as an outsider (on mom's borrowed TV) one thing is becoming clear; the Democrats are building the most powerful of all political weapons, a positive message. There was very little Bush-bashing in Queen Hillary's speech last night. A few shots here and there, but that's to be expected in any Democratic speech. What really came through was the 'what we are for' parts. Tonight, if Bill can manage to talk about something besides himself, and Biden can attack without showing his fangs, it will set up what could truly be an historic moment on Thursday night. If not, Obama's speech could be just another over-hyped media event.

Vice Presidents don't win elections, but McCain's VP pick is going to be crucial if he is to overcome anything truly historic happening Thursday. Romney or Pawlenty just won't do. He'll need to match history for history. In the era of identity politics, that means no more grumpy old white guys. Given the lack of minorities in the Republican party, it will almost certainly be a woman. Senator Hutchison? Senator Dole? Governor Palin? I can't venture a guess, but it better be big.

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Well done and concurance given - especially pp. 3. While Veep2bs don't win elections they sure can help lose 'em. I go back, of course, to Josephine Liebergirl and the debates with Darth. Now that the Dems have a match (or bettter) to Darth, it would sure serve history well if McInane rewarded 'ol Joe and made him his run-and-weight.

Local So-and-so said...

Have you ever considered publishing a dictionary of "Tex-isms"? You really ought to start a page on your site. Just add to it as you go along.

You're right though, it would be cosmic justice for the Lieberunit to have to debate from the other side. Senator Bite-em probably dreams about it. said...

Unfortunately there was only one Molly Ivins from Texas. If I gave you a chuckle, then my day is made.

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Local So-and-So! You are an early riser, just saw your post over at my place!

I enjoyed this post, especially the Grant/ Bobby Lee part.

Hillary was impressive and Bill did good last night. So did John Kerry. Biden had me at hello but it was the little grandson.

I laughed loud when "Addicted to Love" started playing as Bill Clinton finished his speech. Wonder if someone got fired for that?

I don't think it is going to matter much who McCain picks. In the past two weeks, I know 5 Republicans who made their minds up at my office to vote for Obama or at least admit it opening. Two joined a Republican for Obama group locally.

Times are changing. We have to leave this world a better place for our children, grandchildren and theirs.

And the politics of fear and lies just isn't cutting it. If only the media would stop playing it up too.

Caio! Have a great day!

Marion said...

Wow you picked the VP candidate! Do you have a private line to McCain? :-)