Saturday, July 19, 2008

PC Biz 7/19/08

I can't believe I haven't posted anything all week. The pace has really picked up lately. Monday morning, I sent an email to Gwen. She is in charge of training PC's as well as organising some related projects. I was asking her for clarification on the project I was working on, and casually mentioned a couple of idea's I'd had. Monday night, I was very happy to learn that Gwen thought my idea's had some merit. Tuesday night I learned that Gwen had taken my idea's to Heidi, who is the county chairperson. Heidi loved my ideas. BINGO! BINGO! I'm now in charge of two new projects.

Gwen is a recently retired Air Force Colonel who is working on her PHD in geology. She teaches geology courses at UNR in between organising republicans. I've also recently learned she has a conceal/carry permit. Gwen's not one to fuss around much.


Know the person to whom you are expressing an idea.

I had to scramble to get the outlines of my "plans" down on paper, because Thursday night was a central committee meeting in which Heidi, Gwen, and I would all be attending. It was held at a private home up in Incline Village. We had a pot-luck dinner in their spacious backyard, among the pine trees, fountains and babbling brook. Very nice. I only got to say hello to Heidi, as she was mixing and mingling, but I saw Ed and Laurie there too and talked with them a little. Most of the pre-meeting discussions were with Gwen. We talked about computers, political strategy, geology, blogspots, Yucca Mountain, the Mammoth Lakes area, and John McCain. I'll tell you, one hour with Gwen is enough to make a guy stop fearing for the fate of his country. She's off to the back country this week, to study sedimentary formations, but I dare not slacken the pace. I'll post as often as possible.

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I'll be interested to hear how it goes.