Sunday, June 22, 2008

Upping the ante

I just received a letter from Sue Lowden about the "Official" Reconvene Convention. It reads like one of those letters my apartment manager sends me just before he raises the rent. Although the Peppermill is aparently giving them the room,the reconvene will"force us to incur expenses we had not anticipated." And, here it comes, "each delegate must send $35.00 to the Nevada Republican Party." Excuse me, but I already paid $50 for a convention where our leaders did not anticipate delegates wanting to vote. I had a mild idealogical interest in the rEVOLution convention and now I have a financial interest as well. It's not so much as the expense for mic's, lights and chairs, but they have hired "extra security due to the concerns about safety so many delegates have expressed as a result of the earlier session." In other words, they don't want someone like me rolling a little old lady McCain voter during the proceedings. Good Grief! I grow more disillusioned by the day. See you at the Grand Sierra.

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Marion said...

Your blog looks great!

Although I am disgusted by the way the party has handled the reconvening of the convention I do think they have the rules on their side. They apparently were not prepared to have people actually want to participate in picking the delegates. I guess they thought we would rubber stamp their slate of delegates.

I wish I had applied to be a credentialed blogger at the national convention. But it is too late now. It is interesting to see how the party is handling bloggers.