Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Queen Suzanne?

OK, so this is NOT a picture of Miss New Jersey of 1973 and current Nevada State Republican Party Chairman, Sue Lowden. But, never let it be said that your humble reporter ever let a good picture go to waste. Note the uncanny resemblances; the schizophrenic laugh/cry expression that only a woman getting what she wants can produce; the penchant for parading before the multitudes sporting a fine tierra; and of course, the supple wrist action giving her Hitlerian salute such flair! Oh, the fun we could have had with this. But, it was not to be. This is just some other skinny blonde lady on the road to making the rest of us miserable.

Call me an old chauvinist pig, or just write it off as a guy thing, but there is something deeply disturbing about being led by a beauty queen.

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