Monday, December 5, 2011

Weird news as inspiration

My poetry education continues. I've known about Rudyard Kipling's "Gunga Din," since childhood, and have read it several times since, but it wasn't until I tried writing a poem of my own, based on his, that I noticed the first part of each verse is in third person and the last rhyme is in first person. Pretty tricky. I didn't know that was allowed.

Anyway, the subject of my ire is Newt Gingrich. Not that I don't like Newt, he has his moments, but of all the people to be gaining the top spot in the primary campaign, he would seem the most unlikely. The rank and file in the TEA party seem to have evolved. Where was Mr. Gingrich when the revolt started? He was busy being a million dollar "historian" for some of the very people who were crashing the economy. And where has he been since? I don't recall him being at any of the rallies, or even having an opinion on them. Strange, since he thinks himself an expert on everything else.

What is especially bothersome is that Ron Paul has been fighting the TEA party fight since about 1972. He has been a consistent standard bearer on every issue the TEA party has. You don't like his foreign policy? Answer this: How does a minimalist government support a global military empire? Where will the money and resources come from?

Well, enough. The poem is supposed to be funny, so enjoy.

Gung-Ho Newt

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