Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Democratic Dogfights

There has been quite a lot in the press the last few days about political maneuvering in regards to the health care debate. One interesting thing about it is the terminology used by the big government control-freaks and their lackeys in the press. The term of the day is "blue dog". The term "moderate" has apparently been disallowed by the powers that be, when speaking of Democrats. Even the right wing press goes along to get along. From The Stimulist
Democrats are now paying the price for the cynical strategy they used to capture their Congressional majorities in 2006. In recruiting the 40-plus Blue Dogs, who went on to defeat Republicans...
It seems the Republicans aren't the only ones with a moderate problem. I have to wonder how many of these moderate Democrats are even more conservative than the Republicans they replaced. Might we one day be treated to the term "conservative Democrat"? I won't be holding my breath waiting for it.

For Republicans, there's not much to do but pull up a chair, pour a glass of lemonade and enjoy the show. Our post-partisan President doesn't seem to think Republican votes are necessary to non-partisanship. Unfortunately for him and the Pelosi cartel, conservative votes are necessary. The underlying problem being every congressman's main concern; self preservation. You can take the Republicans out of Congress, but you can't take conservatives out of the Districts.

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