Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Notes on a Spring Break

For part of my vacation, I went to visit my Dad in Las Vegas. In between a busy schedule of eating, drinking, and laying about, we managed to visit a few petroglyph sites in the area. Grapevine Canyon is about 50 miles south of Las Vegas and well worth the trip.

grapevine canyon2

Unlike northern Nevada petroglyphs, which are carved into basalt and last for thousands of years, petroglyphs in the south are carved into oxidized granite. As the oxidation weathers away, the petroglyphs fade out. These are probably 2-3 hundred years old. Just judging from some of the designs, they're of a much more recent vintage.

grapevine canyon1

We visited a few other petroglyph sites that weren't nearly as impressive as Grapevine Canyon, but in a meadow in Red Rock Canyon I spotted what I think is a wild Desert Orchid in late bloom. It's a rare sight, if that's what it is.

wild desert orchid

Speaking of wild desert flowers, I also met-up with E!!-lizabeth.

me & E!!

Yep, there I was, in a darkly lit uptown cantina, a rum and coke in one hand and a steak sandwich in the other, plotting revolution with a classy dame. Man, I love blogging.

Then, it was back to San Jose to watch my niece, Jillian, play for the Central Coast Catholic League Championship. With 2 outs and a runner on 3rd, she stepped up to the plate...

They went on to win 3-0, finishing the season 32-0 and ranked 1st in the state. Some will say this is the result of good parenting skills. True enough. However, the effects of good uncling can not be overstated. It is the drinking of half of the dad's beer that allows good parenting to take place. It takes a village, don't-cha know.


Bob said...

You a playa', dawg.

Ryan Jerz said...

Grapevine Canyon is pretty cool. I took some shots there when I visited Laughlin. The petroglyphs were pretty awesome, but there was no more grapevine. Did you see the grapevine?

Local So-and-so said...

Not quite Bob, she's happily married with 3 kids, but yeah, she's a knock-out.

I didn't see any wild grapes, but I hiked up the canyon quite a ways and the vegetation got really thick. It wouldn't surprise me if grapes were growing back there somewhere. There was grass growing and huge leafy green plants. Between the plants and the boulders my visibility was limited. There's definitely enough water.

Jillian's Dad said...

Great video but I have a couple of corrections for you. They were playing for the Division II California Central Coast Section Championship and with the win they remained ranked #1 in the country on both the ESPN and USA Today high school softball polls.

Really though, thanks for the good press and the great footage of her hit. It was nice to visit with you on your visit.