Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tales from the Rue de la Noir

In episode 1, a classic masterpiece of Johann Sebastian Bach is taken out of context and cut to pieces for the puerile amusement of the global community.

On a personal note: My first effort is pretty sloppy, with lots of room for improvement, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.


The Anon Guy said...


Did you use Picasa on this, or another program? Also, if you don't mind, what Flip camera are you using?

Local So-and-so said...

The camera is a Flip MinoHD. The way I have things set up now (I think) is the video downloads straight into Picasa 3, and plays from a Quick Time player. I didn't do anything with picasa, other than set it up as ther first place the video goes on its way to the editor.

My initial problems were due to the Windows Media Player not being able to handle HD. That led me to all sorts of converter madness. Just getting the Media Player out of the path accomplished a lot. I'll be spending more time with picasa on the next one.

The Anon Guy said...

I'm glad Picasa worked out. It's a great little program. Since you are shooting in HD, are you able to upload it to YouTube for HD viewing?

Local So-and-so said...

Yes, once all the shots are set in the editor I just hit "create movie" and it gives me a list of formats and folders to choose from. I pick HD QT and create. Then I go to youtube, upload and browse and pick the title out of the line-up in the folder.

It's actually better to watch on youtube as it has a much bigger screen. I have to pick the smallest screen available to get it to fit on the blogger page. Maybe embed is the answer there?

I'm going to try out the sharpen feature in picasa on the next episode. I shoot mostly in the early morning when the light is'nt the best.

I keep thinking I'm going to do a product review type post, but there is always something else to try first. At some point, I'll have a system down, and then I can write something sensible about it all.