Sunday, May 10, 2009

About That Government Transparency

Nick Gillespie of Reason, has a video interview with Mike Pickett, CEO of Onvia, who has recently created a new website called It is in direct competition with the Obama Administration's, which to date is reporting exactly zero of the stimulus money it was meant to track. Officials say they hope to have something on the site sometime in October, or maybe early 2010. Onvia's site is already tracking over $40 Billion worth of stimulus money and estimate they will be tracking $100 Billion by October.

Onvia is in business to help small, independent contractors nationwide place bids for government projects. It's in their own self interest to provide a transparent accounting of the stimulus money. You can go to their website and call up any state, county, and/or city and watch the gravy train roll by. In the meantime, score one for the greedy capitalists.

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