Sunday, April 19, 2009

Memo To The Grasshopper

I regret to inform you that your job as mascot of Local So-And-So is being phased out. You have done your duty well, my little friend, but the situation has changed. The world turns, and time is a friend to no living thing. It's not even a friend to a picture of a living thing. At least, I assume you were alive when your picture was taken. Anyway, plans for the entire stock photography library have been put on indefinite hold.

As I'm sure you're aware, the blogoshere being what it is, we all need to keep pace with the times. As we transition to original content, your arrangements in the hard drive will remain the same. Remember, communicators never say "good-bye", only "see you later,", or words to that effect. I will always admire your symmetry, your simple forthrightness, to say nothing of those cute little antennae. But we must part ways. Both you and the hippopotamus will still be invited to the company picnic.


Local So-And-So
Purveyor of Fine Quality Social Media