Friday, March 13, 2009

A Few Useful Links

Is it my imagination, or did the switch to Daylight Savings Time wipe out a few bloggers (including me) this week. The early morning hours are prime blogging time for me, so I haven’t accomplished much this week. But, I did promise a few examples of the presentations at the Interactive Summit.

Thanks to a comment from Ryan Jerz in my last post, there is an excellent Twitter feed that has links to many of the presenters. Here are a few highlights.

Mike Henderson’s summary of his talk on podcasts is here. Even if you’re not thinking about podcasting, you can see it’s pretty thorough.

Mike McDowell’s Media 101 is in slide show format. I don’t know if it will make sense to someone who wasn’t there, but it’s a lot better than the notes I took. Trust me on that one. I’ve started using google reader as a result. It’s working out really well. It saves a lot of time and is much less aggravating than going back and forth from the blogroll. What I’d really like to do now involves an aggregator. It would be something like Nevada Blogs, only it would be the blogs I choose. So far, everything I’ve seen to do this involves HML, so I’m still looking.

Marcel Levy’s summary is in PDF format. Marcel doubles as a stand-up comic. Who would have guessed that building charts could be so much fun? There are some hard to find web addresses in here. I know they’re hard to find because I’ve looked for them, so this will be very helpful.

There’s plenty more on the search twitter link. I have months worth of projects just from these three. I'm off to visit mom this weekend, so I still won't get much done, but maybe I'll adjust to the new time zone.

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