Thursday, March 19, 2009

Catching Up with Dilbert

As noted earlier, the new time zone is still wreaking havoc on my schedule. Looking through some old Dilbert blog posts, I found this:
One could argue that previous economic bubbles were driven by sex, directly or indirectly. Guys bought cars to attract girls. The VCR business thrived because of porn. So did the Internet. If you want to predict the next economic boom, figure out who is inventing technology that 19-year old boys will crave in order to increase their chances for sex. Any ideas?

Here's mine:

Japanese Robot Babes! When one of these shows up at the high school prom, we'll know 2 things. 1) The next boom cycle is here and, 2) the end of the human species is not far behind. They never nag, don't get jealous when you flirt with other robot babes, and they take instructions. The perfect 10.

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