Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chinese Automakers Outsell US

For the first time in history, the automakers in China have outsold their US counterparts. January auto sales fell to 9.8 million, compared to China’s estimated selling rate of 10.7 million. With our rising unemployment, one has to wonder when China will start shipping jobs over here to take advantage of our cheap labor.

Emily Kolinski Morris , Ford’s senior economist is quoted as saying, “There are some faint signals emerging that we may be nearing the bottom.”

I doubt it. The Obama Administration seems determined to repeat the mistakes of Herbert Hoover by raising taxes and dishing out money we don’t have to the states for infrastructure. The good news is, that Hoover increased federal spending by 30% in 1930, while President Obama is only planning a 25% increase in 2009. I suppose we can call that progress.

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Another area where China is #1. Out of the top 15 wind turbine manufacturers in the world, the U.S. has one - GE. And with a 15 month waiting list just to get on the drawing board, don't expect to see turbines popping up in NevaDUH anytime soon.