Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The New Dawn

As George W. Bush takes his well deserved place as the Jimmy Carter of the Republican Party, Libertarian Vox Day sums up the situation:

So, what now? I'm not concerned about whatever it is that the Democrats occupy themselves with doing over the next few months, since it's not going to work and will only exacerbate the present problems. Yes, it will be outrageous, yes it will be stupid, and yes, it will all end in tears, but that's obvious. I have little interest in attempting to guess precisely with what idiocies they will indulge themselves. The much more important thing is how the right reacts to all of this. Will it be the Euro-style Christian Democrat conservatism that the anti-Palin crowd are preaching in order to nibble away at the edges or will it be a principled Ron Paul opposition party?

One thing is clear; the experiment in Neo-Conservatism is over. That is good news for everybody. The “American Exceptionalism” movement started by The Weekly Standard, and defended to the death by the eastern conservative establishment, is in full retreat. The core groups of a more traditional conservatism remain intact. The cultural and economic conservatives, didn't lose a thing yesterday.

Republican House members will be picking new minority leaders, while in the Senate, conservative stalwart Mitch McConnel remains in charge. The only rising stars among the governors, Palin, Jindal, Pawlenty, are all traditionalists. So, take heart. Have faith. It's a new dawn for our side too.

3 comments: said...

I see both optimism and pessimism here. But there is also opportunity awaiting for the R brand if they can get their younger people into the 'think tanks' while they are rebranding theirselves.

Although it may not sound like the Tex you know, I would like to see an emergent R party as it is healthy to our system of checks and balances. America needs a healthy opposition but it needs one which can contribute to the fabric we call America and be something other than obstructionist and intransigent in their ideologies.

This won't occur under Mitch or McCain or Goober here in NevaDUH. And the Ds can't continue on with the Reids and Derbys.

The future belongs to you young people....

Local So-and-so said...

It seems every election is a good news-bad news situation. I didn't meet a Republican all year who thought McCain was the answer. It was always 'get him elected and work out the details later'.

A lot is going to depend on our new president keeping the hot-heads on his side on a short leash, and Republicans picking their battles wisely. We vdon't need to fight him on everything.

Debbie said...

I have faith in the new and upcoming leadership. How we ever ended up with McCain as the candidate still drives me nuts.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth