Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Join The Fun

King George at Let Them Eat Cake has taken up President-elect Obama's offer and shared his vision. A few others have joined in, including yours truely.

My Vision:

I was disappointed to hear you will not be holding séances in the White House. I would like to suggest we hold them in the Treasury Dept. instead. I can call Roosevelt, Morgenthau, Wilke, you name it, I know them all. As I’m sure you realize, their policies are what made the depression great, but the press still gives them high marks for saving us. I think their advice would be very useful to you.

Depending on how you want to play it, Andrew Jackson’s destruction of the Second Bank of the United States could be instructive for getting rid of this pesky Federal Reserve system. (Don’t tell Bernanke). I suggest we leave out William Jennings Bryant, (he tends to be long-winded) and Trotsky because he likes to appear with the ice pick still embedded in his head just to scare people. (He thinks it’s funny).

Think universally, act nationally,

The Great Zamboni

So, be creative, have some fun, and share your vision with our soon to be president. He's asking for it.

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