Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Notes from the UN

In an otherwise serious report on Sarah Palin's meetings at the UN yesterday, Susan Duclos of Wake Up America entertains us with a press pool report. Among other bits of useless information from the ASM (Always Sleeping Media) was this:

"Palin wore small, gold, dangly earrings in the shape of the state of Alaska. Her hair was tightly secured atop of her head and her shoes were black patent leather round toed heels."

Incredibly, left unreported was what President Uribe was wearing. It is unconfirmed, but rumored that he wore a Dodgers ball cap, Hawaiian shirt with camo shorts, and beach thongs. He explained that he was " just popping in at the UN, on his way to an important interview on Tallcan TV. "Tallcans are very popular in Columbia...or Chile...or whatever one of those little countries I'm from" he said.