Sunday, September 7, 2008

More on the RP Cave-In

In an article that is mostly a rehash of old news, the Las Vegas Sun sheds a little light on the real reason the Ron Paul Delegates caved in on Wednesday:

"Dyer said he and Bunce, who ran recently failed congressional primary elections, want to run for office again. So they had motivation to play nice."

In other words, two years from now Nevada Republicans will have a choice between Sue's Landed Gentry Inc., and a bag of spineless worms. Good luck with that.

Later in the same article:

"So Bunce and the other Paul delegates decided to use the political capital they had gained during the months-long war with the state party to try to generate a little more."

Yes, they have all the capital of a guy living in a van down by the river. With Mike Webber set to challenge the state central committee elections at the next WCRCC meeting, and Terhune and Bunce sure to be there, we should sell tickets. Too bad it's not another pot-luck, we could have a glorious food fight. Pasta salad anyone?


Anonymous said...

I hope they lose! There will be blowback for what they did.

E!! said...

Well, damn, you're pretty funny. You are now linked on E!!'s blogroll.