Monday, September 1, 2008

More on Palin

I just returned from a trip to mom's place in the People's Republic of California, and two things about the Palin pick are now clear. The right loves her and the left hates her. The vitriol coming from the left, like the scene from "The Exorcist", tells me Palin was the right pick at the right time. The party of peace, love and the common man, who now have two machine-built Harvard lawyers on their ticket, can't stand it when those snobby, rich Republicans elevate a commoner to high office. They just can't get themselves to admit that the Republican party is full of commoners. It's usually just the leadership that's snobby and rich.

It's funny how they're talking about all those great Republicans who should have been picked. As if they would have liked anyone else. They were calling Kay Bailey-Hutchinson a female impersonator when she ran for the senate. Elizabeth Dole was Helmet-Head, among other things. Would anyone not have produced these wretched, rumor filled diatribes? Not likely.

The University of Idaho? Not exactly the fast track. Wasilla, Alaska? You won't find many Harvard lawyers looking to make a name for themselves in Wasilla. The PTA? Can you name one person in Washington DC who has ever served, or knows anyone who has served, on the PTA? The fact is, she's one of us, and that's plenty of reason to give her a chance. In a word; Authentic.


Ryan Jerz said...

You hit on a really important question here that pertains to the commentary on Palin. "As if they would have liked anyone else." No kidding. How many times this weekend did you read "Just one more reason McCain isn't fit to be President," or something very much like it? No choice would have been good enough, so let's get over the choice and get back to what matters. Wait. I don't even know what that is.

Zeke said...

The question is, is "What will the Middle" think of her"?

Here in NV, Romney woulda spelled GOP Victory, so the O camp is VERY happy with M's choice.

Local So-and-so said...

Let's see...if I remember right it had something to do with Iraq and sometimes the falling dollar. Heard of either one lately? Did we win the war when no-one was looking?

Zeke, I know you had your heart set on Romney. Your Mormon joke book will have to sit on the shelf for a while. Palin will get the Mormon vote and a lot more besides. said...

I can't really determine if the left hates her as you state or is doing all it can to keep from busting out laughing here.

Whatever the rationale in Palin's selection, the far right continues to morph by more re-reinventing itself now that the social conservative experiment is quite dead from its own handiwork the last 7+ years.

In the 90s it was the Immoral Majority and a balanced budget mantra which flew out the window with Bush-Cheney, an immoral war, and unconscienable national debt.

Announced last Friday it was we are "not from Washington" as the mantra du jour. We are learning today that as Mayor of Wasilla, Palin got $3,000+ per capita in earmarks while NevaDUH got 73 cents in the same period.

And the LA Times yesterday documents she now has $197.8 million earmarked in next year's Federal budget whie deriding earmarks just last Friday in her intro which is only $295.52 per capita compared to NevaDUH's 73 cents.

Considering Palin is one of the most successful lobbyists in the world today, I have a hard time swallowing she is just your typical PTA mommie. Palin is just more of the McSame that has brought this country to the brink of insolvency.

Local So-and-so said...

Wow, I had no idea the mayor of Wasilla had such leverage over the national budget. It looks to me like you guys are grabbing any branch you can find on your way down the cliff. Republicans won't need scare tactics with the kind of crap I've been seeing and hearing the last few days. Democrats are perfectly capable of scaring the voters all by themselves.