Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Toilet Wars

I'm not one to live and die with what the NY Times reports, but I happened across this article this morning. Among other things, they report:

"The Russians have also left the Georgian military base in Senaki, but only after confiscating almost everything of value, including televisions, refrigerators and even toilets, according to local residents who have watched the steady stream of Russian trucks moving in and out of the base for more than a week."

What does it say about the quality of life when people are stealing toilets? Is there a single human being in any western country who can relate to this? In spite of all the reforms put in place since the fall of communism, it would appear the underground economy in Russia is still in good health. Shipping toilets to Russia seems a better alternative than shipping guns to Georgia. Just a thought.


Zeke said...

Oh Man!
Gerorgian Toilets are famous for their quality! Of Course they took'em!

Local So-and-so said...

It's difficult to keep up with all the changes brought about by globalization. Thanks for the update.