Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cost of Moralizing

Thomas Sowell, always a good source on economic topics, writes today on the Russia/Georgia conflict. Unlike most commentators, he bypasses the Serbia/Kosovo analogy and looks at the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956. A unique perspective on recent news and food for thought about our history of tough talk and no action can be found here.

The entangling alliance of an ever expanding NATO is a disaster waiting to happen. Does anyone seriously believe that Europe will do anything but cheer leading in the next war? The truth is, Russia makes a better partner than all of Europe combined. We need them, and they need us. Who needs Georgia? Where does NATO end and the rest of the world begin?

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Anonymous said...

A voice of reason!

I totally agree with you!

It doesn't take much common sense to come to this conclusion but is America short of common sense?