Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PC Biz 7/9/08

I was rummaging around on the Registrar of Voters website and found the 2006 and 2004 election results broken down by precinct. It's a lot to look through. I only got as far as the 2006 US Senate race. That was a pretty hotly contested race here. Being an off year, it was the big race. It pitted John Ensign, then a popular Republican Congressman -vs- Jack Carter, most famous for being President Carter's son. The race attracted some big donor, out of state money. In my little precinct, there were 665 registered voters. Only 75 votes were cast on election day; 30 Republican, 29 Democrat, and 16 scattered among the minor parties including "None of the Above". 590 people sat out one of the biggest local races in decades. I see this as both good and bad. Bad in that all those people who bothered to register didn't bother to vote. Good, in that the low turnout sets a low hurdle for me. It's conceivable that one guy could make a big difference here.

As I was looking for these stats I happened across this:
2006 Results for North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection Dist.

Epstein, Don ..... 1,793..... 28.31%
Murrietta, Gene ...1,778..... 28.08%
Westervelt, Bob ...1,526..... 24.10%
Claus, Santa ......1,236..... 19.52%

Santa should have run for the Senate.

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