Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Friendly reminders and future projects

Marion continues to inspire. She has added my little hole in the wall to her "Blogs I always read" list. There are some very talented and accomplished people on that list, so it is very high praise. I'm not used to that kind of company, but I'll do my best to keep it interesting. One thing I find interesting is how this blog has changed just in the month or so that I've been doing this. My first few posts were generally negative. That's the influence of the kind of blogs, and other commentary, I was reading. It was kind of like one of those cable TV shows where everybody yells at each other in between commercials. Then my posts become increasingly less antagonistic. I have to admit, when I googled Washoe County Convention, and found Marion's blog, I thought "nice post, but what's with all the hiking pictures?" I didn't get it. I think I get it now. We choose the blogs we write, like we choose the lives we live. It doesn't have to be a dogfight all the time. I've met a few friendly, positive, and encouraging people at the various Republican meetings of late, but I think my communications with Marion have had the most influence on my change in outlook. Thanks for the reminder of why we're all here.

I went to the precinct captains training session last night. I am pleased to announce that I am now the newly minted captain of precinct 3031. (Insert a hearty round of applause here). I'm going to document my progress, or lack thereof, through election day. I'll be meeting about 1,000 or so strangers which should be interesting to say the least, unless they slam their doors in my face, in which case I'll have some exciting door slamming stories. I won't start the story until next week because I'm also planning a little 4Th of July Tribute which I better start tonight, if I'm going to finish by tomorrow. I'm also planning a serious upgrade of the profile. I thought at first that being anonymous would be best, but since I've inadvertently wandered into a friendly group, it would be good if you knew more about me.

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Marion said...

Thank you for the kind words. I totally agree with you we choose the lives we live. I'll be very interested to learn what being a Precinct captain involves.