Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sine Die

First of all, there are state laws and statutes, Republican National Party rules, Nevada Republican Party rules, and Roberts Rules, all of which form a labyrinth in which I easily become lost. I don't know if what we did yesterday was legal, proper, or even right. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. Showing unity can be important at times. People of like minds but differing opinions coming together, agreeing on a set of procedures and working out their differences in a fair, transparent, and equitable way is also important. The time for unity is after a convention not unnecessarily before or during.

The disagreement here is whether or not the convention was properly called into recess. Assembly District 32 candidate Mike Weber and Congressional District 2 candidate James Smack along with 324 other delegates are of the opinion that it was not. I believe that every effort was made to settle the disagreement with what can only be described as an intransigent and secretive state leadership. The Weber/Smack team clearly had their strategy and tactics thought through. By taking the position of "no recess" we did not need a quorum to restart. The leadership now will need a quorum to have any argument at all at the national convention. It was also smart to stay focused on the delegate selection issue without changing the rules or platform that was agreed on in April. I was impressed with Mr.Weber's knowledge, along with his willingness to explain what was happening and the ramifications of what we were voting on. He runs a very tight ship.

I was also impressed with Dr. Terhune. I went in half-expecting some fire breathing RP maniac. Boy, was I mistaken. It would be hard to find a more mild mannered, temperamentally conservative man who is unaccustomed to the spotlight. Judging from the involvement of his kids, I'd guess they are his main motivation for paying the tab. A good and decent man that Dr. Terhune.

So for me, the fight is over. I've done what I could do given my lack of knowledge and experience in these things. I leave it in the Weber/Smack team's hands. Tuesday I'll be attending a precinct captain seminar, where hopefully, I'll learn how to register voters, update voter rolls and promote Republican candidates. One journey ends, another begins.

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