Saturday, June 7, 2008

Republicans flunk curmudgeon test

Chuck Muth of Citizens Outreach (COPAC) rates the 2007 Nevada legislative session and it's not pretty. Based on expanding the size, growth, scope, or cost of government, the Republican legislators voting records in the 2007 session received a cumulative 61.1%. Bob Beers, Ty Cobb and Chad Christensen received over 70%, but the other eleven, for the most part, scored in the fifties. My state rep. Heidi Gansert scored sixty, but then one can't expect a woman to be much of a curmudgeon; their feelings get in the way of sound fiscal management.

Over in the state senate, all eleven republican senators flunked. My own state senator, Pete Townsend, tied for last with a pathetically dismal 36%. Unfortunately, he's not up for re-election until 2010. Bill Ragio, The majority leader scored 43%, but the good news here is that he is being challenged this year by a hard-charging, Reaganesque curmudgeonette Sharon Angle. Good luck to her!

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Ryan Jerz said...

Your state senator is the guy that got busted for kiddie porn a few years back? I had no idea he lived in Reno.